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Assignment Status update

Based on user feedback, we are now providing more options to teachers when updating the status of an assignment. In particular, the status incomplete has been removed in favour of "not received" and "partially complete". This helps to remove ambiguity regarding whether a student actually submitted any work or whether the work was handed in but not fully complete. We have also added a "No status" option to help schools gauge which assignments are yet to be updated by teachers.

What will the default assignment status now be?

Before, assignments were marked as "incomplete" by default. This will now change to "No status".

What will happen to homework already marked as "incomplete"?

We have tried our best to migrate existing assignments as accurately as possible. The following illustrates how we have mapped existing statuses.

What happens to analytics currently available on DPR?

All analytics related to assignments will include the new assignment statuses.

Useful articles

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to get in touch via


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