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CST Gap-Year Teaching Scheme: Meet Aamina Chunya, an ex-Forest Gate Community School student

Get ready to be amazed as we delve into the exciting world of education innovation with Community School Trust’s groundbreaking initiative – the Gap-Year Teaching Scheme. With a looming shortage of teachers in the education sector, CST has taken it upon itself to pioneer this revolutionary program aimed at training up gap-year students and post-graduates in Science, MfL, and Computer Science subjects to fill the gap in the market and teach our students.

Join us as we listen to the brilliant Aamina Chunya, an ex-Forest Gate Community School student who achieved 3 A*s at Newham Collegiate Sixth-form before embarking on her gap year to teach from the frontlines. Aamina is a shining example of the incredible talent that CST’s Gap-Year Teaching Scheme is tapping into, providing young individuals like her with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in teaching before pursuing their desired university course in dentistry.

Through this innovative scheme, CST is not only addressing the shortage of teachers but also creating a platform for enthusiastic and passionate graduates to channel their energy and knowledge toward shaping the future generation. So, buckle up and tune in as we witness the magic of education in action with Community School Trust’s Gap-Year Teaching Scheme.



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