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DPR plays a key role in supporting Forest Gate Community School to achieve Ofsted Outstanding

“Leaders promote a ‘knowledge-led’ curriculum. Teachers build pupils’ subject knowledge in a systematic way from Year 7 to Year 11. They use effective strategies to help pupils remember new knowledge and use it to solve problems. The school’s ‘dynamic progress reporting’ system assesses pupils’ learning and provides them with feedback about the topic they are learning.”

Ofsted, FGCS, March 2020

Here are 7 ways DPR can support your school towards delivering an outstanding ‘quality of education’:

  1. Schools can design their own curriculum with differentiated learners in mind

  2. DPR aids the implementation of AFL with powerful classroom features

  3. School leaders can track, monitor and set homework. This includes the ability to gauge the quality of homework submissions from students

  4. Teachers can upload and share learning resources linked to key learning objectives

  5. DPR facilitates real-time collaboration and feedback between the teacher and the student

  6. Parents have access to DPR any time, as well as view and print beautiful progress reports

  7. Teachers and parents can remotely engage with the schools’ intended curriculum during a lockdown

Link to the full FGCS Ofsted report can be found here: LINK


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