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Live coaching* within Maths, by Rosie Noor (Audience: School Leadership)

This week's video features Rosie, a math curriculum coach, conducting observations in a year 10 class. The teacher is covering binomial distribution during the third phase of the lesson.

Rosie noticed an opportunity during the explanation of binomial expansion whereby students could self-assess their responses through the addition of powers. Although it wasn't a mistake, Rosie felt it could address a common misunderstanding among students.

Instead of disrupting the class, Rosie patiently waited for an appropriate moment and discreetly shared this insight with the teacher.

The teacher appreciated the feedback, acknowledged the frequent misunderstanding, and later addressed it with the class using SLANT (sit up straight; listen attentively; ask/answer questions; never interrupt and track the speaker).

Rosie left the class with a discreet smile after expressing gratitude to the teacher and the students.

Enjoy the video.


* Live coaching involves real-time feedback for immediate improvement in our teaching methods, as opposed to retrospective evaluations. Since September, we've all been paired with a coach who conducts weekly observations of our lessons. They provide us with actionable, high-impact steps that can be implemented within a week, making it both observable and practical.

Within the Community Schools Trust, our emphasis extends beyond enhancing teacher pedagogy. We recognise the importance of refining how educators communicate concepts and knowledge to learners. Our coaches not only intervene to improve delivery styles but also strategise on optimising curriculum delivery in their respective subjects. Over time, our coaches guide teachers to evolve into not just proficient instructors but also curriculum experts in their subjects.



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