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Many times we need to connect two or more batteries in series or parallel for a single application. It either improves the overall efficiency or increases the capacity of the battery.

Sometimes you may need to connect batteries in series and parallel in the same circuit. For example, you have four 12V batteries and you want to turn them into a 24-volt battery pack. But how?

To make a 24v battery from four 12V batteries, you first need to make two sets of batteries. Each group consists of two 12-volt batteries connected in parallel. Finally, the groups are connected in series to create a 24-volt battery pack for your needs.

If you are interested in knowing how to connect four 12V batteries to 24V, this article is for you. So, without further delay, let's get started!

Connecting 4 12v batteries to 24v

Now it's time to briefly discuss how to connect four 12v batteries to 24v. You will need a parallel connection and a series connection to get a 24v battery pack from four 12v batteries.

What you need.

Four 12-volt batteries

Jumper cables

Pliers (optional)

Once you have all the equipment you need, you can begin the process. First, make two sets of batteries, each consisting of two cells.

One set of 12-volt batteries should be connected in parallel. This means that the positive terminal of the battery (A) is connected to the positive terminal of the battery (C). Also, the negative terminals of the other set of batteries (B and D) are connected together.

Then, connect the two groups in a series. The negative terminal of the (A) battery should be connected to the positive terminal of the (B) battery. Similarly, the negative terminal of the (C) battery should be connected to the positive terminal of the (D) battery.

Before paralleling, remember to connect batteries of equal voltage first. Otherwise, a high current will be generated to equalize the voltages, which are limited only by the internal resistance of the batteries and the connecting cables.

Also, while connecting never cross the positive and negative terminals with each other which may cause severe damage or injury.

Connecting in series will increase the total voltage of the system while connecting batteries in parallel will increase capacity. The voltage remains unchanged when connected in parallel. Therefore, series and parallel connections are used for different applications. If you do it correctly, there is no chance of damage or injury.


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