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DPR Assignments for teachers just got better!

Today, we're excited to launch the complete revamp of DPR Assignments for teachers. We've listened to the feedback teachers have provided and have rebuilt DPR Assignments from the ground up! It's now easier than ever to create assignments aligned with your school's curriculum.

What's new?

Guided tour

DPR will now guide you through using the Assignments feature making it a breeze for new users.

Weekly View

Assignments are shown based on their due date on a weekly calendar. Easily navigate between weeks, months or years and see what % of a class has viewed an assignment at a glance.

Subject leaders can now create assignments

Teachers with subject area access can create assignments for classes they do not teach, helping to support teacher collaboration and workload.

Assignment Library and re-use

View and re-use assignments across your entire school with the ability to filter by department, year group and teacher.

Linking Key Objectives is now easier than ever

Linking key objectives to assignments is an integral aspect of DPR. You can now easily search for the relevant key objectives and select multiple key objectives with ease.

Efficient assessing with filters

Quickly filter through students who haven't viewed an assignment and provide feedback in bulk.


Do you have a guide on using the new assignment feature?

The guided tour should be sufficient for most teachers. We have also updated our online guides to reflect the new changes.

What will happen to the old Assignment portal?

The old assignment portal will be removed within a few weeks. Clicking the old assignment portal button will start the guided tour to help ease teachers into using the new assignment feature.

Where has assignment analytics gone?

Assignment analytics can be found on the analytics page (near Subject Area Insights and Whole School Insights). We've also added the ability to select a collection when generating analytics.

Has anything changed for students?

Students will be receiving a new refresh to their assignments feature by early December.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these changes, please feel free to get in touch via


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