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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

A simple engaging way to assess learning in class

New features:

  • View data for a particular key objective across all pathways

  • Ability to update a students' judgement using drag and drop

  • Enlarge key objectives, perfect for the class whiteboard

  • "Judgement Key Saber" providing a quick way to view a breakdown of judgements for a particular key objective

  • Update to teachers DPR to a more modern design

During a lesson, great teachers constantly assess the extent of student understanding. They anticipate misconceptions, pre-empt and address many barriers that students may face. A recent study by the EEF states,

‘using technology can increase the accuracy of assessment, and the speed with which assessment information is collected, with the potential to inform teachers’ decision-making and reduce workload.’

Teachers are used to providing judgements on the extent of students’ learning just prior to an interim collection point. But remembering what 30 individual students have learnt five to six weeks ago can be challenging, often resulting in inaccurate assessments.  DPR KO View facilitates teachers to assess students during lessons. It encourages a genuine learning dialogue, allowing students an opportunity to recall and reflect on what they have just covered. Students love receiving live feedback - after all, live feedback means instant recognition of their effort during that lesson.  Assessing students’ learning regularly also helps teachers to be better assessors in general, and in return helps to reduce a considerable amount of workload.  Using DPR to provide instant feedback can also be aligned to your school's marking policy. This will no doubt make your approach to feedback more effective because ‘it is timely and specific’, and compels the students to engage with the given feedback.


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