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Live coaching* in English With Thahmina

In this week's live coaching video with Thahmina, we delve into an English Literature lesson during the Shed Loads of Practice (SLOP) phase, where students engaged in focused, silent work. The teacher circulated the class, providing live feedback. In her quality assurance evaluation, Thahmina intentionally assessed the teacher's intellectual preparation and found it to be well-executed, aligning with the information on the board.

Additionally, Thahmina noted that students were using a tier two vocabulary word, "misogyny," some of whom were misapplying it in their work. Certain students lacked a clear understanding of how the word related to the character in question. To avoid disrupting the silent SLOP session, Thahmina discreetly whispered to the teacher, suggesting a reteaching of the word, seizing a valuable teaching moment. The teacher responded positively to Thahmina's cue, moving to the front of the class and prompting SLANT. Subsequently, he addressed the common error.


*Live coaching involves real-time feedback for immediate improvement in our teaching methods, as opposed to retrospective evaluations. Since September, we've all been paired with a coach who conducts weekly observations of our lessons. They provide us with actionable, high-impact steps that can be implemented within a week, making it both observable and practical.

Within the Community Schools Trust, our emphasis extends beyond enhancing teacher pedagogy. We recognise the importance of refining how educators communicate concepts and knowledge to learners. Our coaches not only intervene to improve delivery styles but also strategise on optimising curriculum delivery in their respective subjects. Over time, our coaches guide teachers to evolve into not just proficient instructors but also curriculum experts in their subjects.



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