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100% attention with Habeeba Hussain: ‘Spot the Spinach’ series

A bi-weekly T&L post for Community Schools Trust

Thahmina Begum

Executive Headteacher, CST

Live coaching has moved on the quality of teaching at Community Schools Trustsignificantly. If you want to understand our approach to live coaching, the strategies we use and the culture we’ve created for live coaching, have a read here and here.

Simon Elliott, CST CEO recently posted the following: “In London, staff turnover in schools runs at around 18% per year. So, those careful training exercises you did last year? A fifth of the staff have no clue and it compounds year on year. In a three year cycle more than half the staff can be new.”

The importance of quality induction and continual training cannot be overstated and yet it is often overlooked given the other million priorities of a school…

We’ve come a long way in ensuring the quality (and culture) of live coaching at CST but we knew we had to find a way to capture this quality training so that we were giving due attention to what Simon refers to as ‘revisiting basic expectations and cultural values.’

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