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A guidance to target setting for students in DPR


Schools have always set individual student targets. Whether it was done through using ‘expected’ and ‘more than expected’ level of progress between KS2 and KS4 before the demise of the national curriculum levels or, given the school context, by using various FFT models. So in principle, this is not anything new.

The target setting process is not an exact science and it is up to the school to decide how much of a challenge they want to add when providing students with their targets.

DPR adopts a pathway model to target setting. Each pathway indicates a level of challenge associated with it. As the DPR ensures curriculum objectives are sequenced between Year 7 to Year 11, students who are on a given pathway must work towards securing their understanding in the associated learning objectives in order to be on track for their end of KS4 GCSE grades.

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