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Continued learning amid the Coronavirus outbreak

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak and news of a few school closures in the UK, there is a real possibility of other schools being asked to close. This will inevitably disrupt learning for students. If schools must close, we are confident schools using DPR will be adequately equipped to deal with students’ learning independently from home.

  • Teachers can provide work directly linked to the curriculum and students can submit work online to show they have completed it.

  • Teachers can also continue to assess learning remotely by making judgement changes and grade changes

  • Students have instant access to DPR resources and the share resource feature makes it even easier for teachers to communicate key resources to students

  • Past exam papers can be uploaded for Year 11 students to practise at this crucial time in the year

  • Leadership teams can keep track of DPR usage by students and staff using the Whole School Insights feature 

For additional guidance on Coronavirus within the education setting, please refer to COVID-19: guidance for educational settings. Please get in touch should you have any DPR related questions to



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