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Exciting News for Parents: PDF Student Reports Now Available on DPR!

Since the launch of our parental app earlier this year, parents have enjoyed real-time access to their children’s progress data, enhancing their ability to monitor educational developments. Feedback has been extremely positive, particularly during parents' evenings, where printed DPR reports were a big hit. Parents loved the detailed insights these reports provided into their child's academic progress.

Building on this success, we're excited to announce that parents can now directly access and download beautiful PDF versions of these reports at any time.

DPR for Parents app
DPR for Parents' - Downloading reporting

How It Works

Accessing these reports is simple. Parents can log into DPR, click on the 'Report' button, and select the academic year for which they need the report. DPR will generate a detailed, beautifully formatted PDF report summarising the student's progress and areas of improvement over the selected period.


  • Instant Access: No more waiting for periodic reports. Access your child’s academic report anytime and from anywhere.

  • Eco-friendly: Schools can now save on the costs and environmental impact associated with printing and distributing paper reports.

  • Archivable: Parents can easily save digital copies of reports for future reference and access historical reports to track progress over time.

Useful Links:

We believe this new feature will make a significant difference in how parents engage with their child's education. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance DPR, making it the go-to solution for educational progress tracking!

Interested in finding out how DPR can work for you at your school? Visit to get in touch.


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