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FREE Subscription to Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR)

It’s been a difficult few weeks, especially with schools being forced to close last Friday. With home learning being a necessity right now, having a Learning Management System with the right tools to set, track and monitor student learning is now more important than ever.

In response to this, we have decided to offer free subscriptions to DPR until mid-October 2020 to any new schools with the ability to cancel at any time and no obligation to continue after October 2020.

Due to potential high demand, free subscriptions will be limited and schools with the greatest number of disadvantaged students will be prioritised.

Provide instant access to your curriculum online

We provide a starter curriculum created by our Ofsted rated outstanding partner school, Forest Gate Community School.

Students can upload evidence against key learning objectives

With the recent decision to base grades on evidence, this will make collecting evidence significantly more focussed and accessible.

Set, track and monitor homework

Track which student has viewed a particular homework and access powerful analytics to track teachers are setting sufficient homework, breakdown of late/incomplete/complete homework and the quality of students’ submissions.

Access thousands of resources

Students will have access to thousands of quality resources linked to key learning objectives, clearly categorised as ‘learning’ and ‘testing resources’, making it ideal for remote, independent learning.

Class Chat

Real-time chat that enables class teachers and students to discuss, debate and post questions in a central place removing the need to communicate over email.

I’d like to demo DPR

We’re happy to provide a demo account, send us an email at

I’d like to apply, what do I do?

As long as your school uses an MIS we support (refer to here), setup should take no longer than 1-2 weeks.

Any questions? Contact us via


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