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Getting your curriculum ready through DPR: a checklist

"The curriculum is of high quality when it helps produce teaching that drives student learning. But the simplicity of this definition belies its complexity, and it requires some unpacking. To do so, it is useful to consider three questions:

1. Does the curriculum support effective, research-based pedagogy?

2. Is the curriculum content-rich?

3. Is the curriculum standards-aligned?"

Architecting a world-class, quality curriculum requires effort and time. There are no shortcuts. School leaders therefore must manage this process in a meaningful way and not pay lip service.

DPR allows school leaders to architect a knowledge-rich curriculum that can be personalised to their local context. Curriculum planning, its evaluation and adaptation should be an annual process. In order to support schools to manage this process, we have come up with a timeline for schools to adapt and use, if they wish to do so. Please note that the process below assumes that a school already has a working ‘long term plan’ that they use.

We hope this is a useful checklist for you.



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