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Live mark using a pen and assess learning in real-time using DPR, Joynal Ali. CCS. CST.

This week’s Spot the Spinach video showcases the training session on Live marking using a pen and assessing learning in real-time with the Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR) tool.

The non-example section of the video highlights a missed opportunity during the independent practice phase where the teacher circulates among the students but does not engage in live marking. This absence of live marking prevents the teacher from promptly identifying and addressing any misconceptions, hindering instant intervention and support for the students. Furthermore, the video emphasises another missed opportunity to update the DPR in real-time, which could provide a more accurate assessment of student progress.

On the other hand, the video presents a What a Good One Looks Like (WAGOLL) scenario. The teacher effectively demonstrates how he circulates among the students, actively engages in live marking using a pen, and encourages students to think critically during brief interactions. By assessing learning in real-time, the teacher notices students making progress and guides them to update their DPR judgments promptly. This approach brings joy to the students in his class, creating a positive and effective learning environment.

In summary, the key takeaways from the video are:

  1. Utilising a pen for live marking during teaching sessions

  2. Emphasising the importance of updating the DPR in real time to assess student learning accurately.

The video contrasts a non-example with a WAGOLL to illustrate these concepts effectively.



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