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Orderly dismissal by Zainab Farrelly (Waterside Academy), and Tahmina Chowdhury (FGCS), CST

At the Community Schools Trust, we place the utmost importance on learning time and strive for the end of the lesson to be just as good, if not better than the start.

To increase efficiency and ensure maximum learning for students, we aim to improve the dismissal process. This is crucial for two reasons: firstly, students can end their lessons with maximum learning, and secondly, they can have a great start to their next lesson.

In this week's video, Zainab Farrelly (Waterside Academy) and Tahmina Chowdhury (Forest Gate Community School) demonstrate orderly dismissal techniques, building on the previous video's first part (linked here). They demonstrate how to dismiss students in an orderly manner by reminding them of our expectations and dismissing them row by row from the threshold.



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